Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Imagine a world where community banks grew places by growing young peoples livelihoods

where does this opportunity exist?

Once (before mass tv advertsing) this was a mainstream imperative of economists (including keynes) and public servants in open society democracies.
Today you have to search out this opportunity quite carefully. I write this living in washington DC where our next choice of superpower leaders is Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton.  I am not trying to value characters - but with the majority of american citiizens I see that neither of these people has specialised in sustainability's most urgent innovation challenge: developing livelioods of youth born into places with the least resources of their nation and our planet

the place we most recommend going to understand pro-youth banking is brac in bangladesh and any  partners  that brac's 80 year old founder sir fazle abed recommends

brac's focus is on helping youth with the most extreme livihood challenges - particularly girls , particulary in communities facing the greatest sustainabiity challenges on  the planet  

We welcome hearing lessons from youth in development  concerning brac, bkash or anything that is audited around the same sort of POP (Poreferential Option Poor) model or which includes Youth in Public-Private sectior partnerships audited exponentially to unite human race back to the 2030 future of sustainability goals

interestingly innovations in mobile and real network connectivity capable of resolving brac's hardest challenges can be adapted wherever youth are underemployed -it takes brilliant innovation and collaboration but most of all understanding borderless youth's opportunities now 4000 times more has been spent mobilising Learning Communicatuons Technolgies than 1946 

Join us in the first 50000 peer to peer learning of youth celebrating sir fazle's 80th birthday wishes http://global50000youth.com   Coursera Wiki https://share.coursera.org/wiki/index.php/Brac https://share.coursera.org/wiki/index.php/Bkash

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